With the economy being as insane as it has this year I think it’s time to take a step back and start thinking outside of the box when it comes to sponsors. I think we need to bring some new blood into the NASCAR sponsorship family. And so to that end I’ve created a list of some companies that could gain some new customers from the super loyal NASCAR fan base and bring a new, younger, cooler profile to the NASCAR image.

Here’s the list in no particular order:

1.) Macy’s — Macy’s has everything you could possibly need from clothes to furniture to make-up and cutlery. Macy’s should have a car in every NASCAR race, if only to have Martha Stewart to show up and do cooking demonstrations trackside.

2.) Microsoft — Times have been tough for Microsoft ever since they launched Vista and all of its so-called issues. So what better way to get some good PR than to sponsor a NASCAR race team? Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates can come out and go for a ride in a racecar for a commercial, it’d be great!

3.) Lucky Brand Jeans — Okay, so this one is kind of personal for me because I love Lucky! Let me just say that the people who work at my local store are very familiar with my purchases and me. Plus I think NASCAR nation needs to know that there are other jean makers out there besides Wrangler.

4.) Kettle Brand Chips — Have you had these things? They’re super addictive, I am obsessed with the Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper flavor. They’re great for tailgating, need I say more?

5.) Yahoo! / Google — Since Google and Yahoo! both basically run my web life it only makes sense for them to get involved with NASCAR too. Both companies reach a ton of people and have a buttload of money so why not take the opportunity to extend the reach of their brands?

6.) MySpace / Facebook — Uh duh! NASCAR needs a little web 2.0 in its life. What a great way to engage fans and bring in new ones through established social networking sites.

7.) Barnes & Noble / Borders — NASCAR fans do read ya know!

8.) Tivo — Probably the greatest invention created in my lifetime! Everybody should own one and NASCAR is a great way to spread the word on the brilliance that is Tivo. Plus I Tivo races all the time when I can’t watch them live, so it would behoove the people at Tivo to get themselves in front of people who are more likely to need their product.

9.) Major League Soccer — Is anyone watching soccer these days? They need some help. I’m just sayin’.

10. ) Starbucks — Oh how I wish Starbucks would sponsor a race team. I cannot tell you how much I’d freak if this happened. Even if they sponsored Kyle Busch, I’d still root for that team — and that is really, really, really saying something. I go to Starbucks pretty much every day and I know there are millions of other NASCAR fans that do the same, so really Starbucks get on this!