This photo (below) is awesome and here is why: Clint Bowyer is holding the Lowe’s edition of Pole Position magazine from earlier this year. His right hand is holding the magazine next to the big “The Fast and the Fabulous” logo on the cover. Okay, so it’s not monumental news but it’s still neat.

And speaking of the word “neat” what is up with all of these NASCAR drivers using that word to describe stuff? There are a million words out there besides “neat.” It just makes me think of the Beaver and Wally. Golly.

But, back to the photo, I did not put this fan up to this, I don’t even know him. What I do know is that he, Al Brown, met Clint at a Jack Daniel’s event at the Hard Rock Cafe in Tampa, Florida. I’m sure Clint was happy to know he was a cover boy (for a fabulous magazine that you should all read).


NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Clint Bowyer poses with fan, Al Brown, holding a copy of Pole Position magazine