Pruzensky, 23, and Scarfe, 21, have been dating for more than three years and discovered their shared love of NASCAR on their very first date. Both are busy college students, but make a point to watch the races together most every weekend. (Photo Credit: Action Sports Photography)The winners of the Harlequin and Office Depot ‘Say Yes to a Winning Proposal’ contest were announced last week. I was excited about this contest because I’m one of those girls who already knows what her wedding is going to look like even though I don’t have a boyfriend (ya gotta love my willingness to be honest here, maybe too honest). So I love seeing marriage proposals take place in new and creative ways.

This contest provided all of that. The winning couple was Phillip Pruzensky and Janice Scarfe of Orange County, California. Phillip’s proposal was featured on the back of Carl Edwards’ No. 99 Office Depot Ford for the All-Star Race at Lowe’s Motor Speedway on Saturday. They also received a prize package valued at over $10,000 that included a diamond ring and a honeymoon in Red Rock Country in Sedona, Arizona.

Janice and Phillip are college students that have been dating for three years and both are huge NASCAR fans. Can you believe the trip they received to the All-Star Race was the first NASCAR race they’d ever attended together?

Another very cool thing about this story is that Carl picked the winning entry himself. I had no idea he got to do it, so it’s nice to know he was really involved in the process.

When asked about his participation in the proposal Carl said, “That was very cool to be a part of this promotion. Office Depot and Harlequin, this is like one dimension farther from a regular appearance. You’re actually creating and being part of a memory for someone for the rest of their life and it’s something that’s very special. This is very cool.”

You must check out this video of the press conference where Phillip officially proposed to Janice and hear Carl’s response to questions about when he’s going to get married.

Phillip Pruzensky and Janice Scarfe of Orange County, Calif., had their marriage proposal featured on the back of Carl Edwards' No. 99 Office Depot Ford during the 2008 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race at Lowe's Motor Speedway and received a VIP prize package worth more than $10,000. (Photo Credit: Action Sports Photography)

(Photo Credit: Action Sports Photography)