adidas JR Nation Womens V-Neck Fleece Top UPDATE: I’m sorry but I got the dates wrong, the JR Nation apparel will go on sale first on February 15th at the Sports Authority in Daytona, FL.

Thanks to Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the folks at adidas I just might start working out again. I could stand to lose a couple LBs.

I’ve been able to check out his new line of adidas JR Nation apparel and I’m totally diggin it. I’ve never been a fan of those classic racing shirts that have ginormous logos, text and tons of colors. I like to keep things simple and subdued. And this line of jackets, sweats and shirts does all of that. Plus the JR Nation colors are orange and black, which also happens to be the colors of my old high school (Go You Mighty Pirates!). All of the items use the adidas ClimaCool system that Dale will be using in his new racing suit. Basically it helps keep moisture away from your body when you sweat to keep you dry and comfortable when you’re huffing and puffing on the field or basement treadmill.

Here are a few of the pieces I’m thinking about purchasing once they go on sale in Junior’s store on the Sports Authority website. Here’s the URL ( to the JR Nation homepage, just remember that the page won’t go live until tomorrow, February 8th.

adidas JR Nation Womens White Track Jacket

adidas JR Nation Mens In The Ring Hoodie

There is stuff for guys too, hoodies, polos, etc. but there’s this baseball jersey too that I think should be a big seller.

adidas JR Nation Mens First Pitch Jersey