I knew basically nothing about MotoGP before watching MTV’s special “The Kentucky Kid.” I knew Nicky Hayden’s name but beyond that I drew a complete blank. I can now say that I have a better appreciation for motorcycle racing. It’s insane the way they’re able to make turns that keep them inches away, if that, from the ground. If you think a crash at Talladega is scary, watch a guy flip off his bike and eat dirt at 200 mph. It’s crazy, but I think it’s cool. Hayden is a total cutie which doesn’t hurt either.

It kinda sucks that he doesn’t get that much attention here in the states — from the mainstream media that is. Obviously the riders and fans of MotoGP have all the respect in the world for the sport but when will they get their just desserts from the rest of us? The same can be said for sports like surfing or skateboarding. I dunno, on one hand I think people know the major players in those areas (Hello Kelly Slater!) but sometimes it seems like maybe they’re not really given all the credit they deserve.

Anyway, I for one am going to pay more attention to MotoGP and hopefully check it out the next time it comes to Laguna Seca.