Kyle Busch is still mad that Dale Earnhardt Jr. wrecked him last weekend and I still don’t care. Dale Jr. didn’t do it on purpose, or because he had a beef with him. He had too much momentum and couldn’t stop. He said he was sorry. Move on! Jeez!

I mean seriously, there are seven more races left; all is not completely lost yet. I would like to make a book recommendation to young Kyle. He should read tennis pro James Blake’s book “Breaking Back: How I Lost Everything and Won Back My Life.” I’m this close to finishing it myself and it’s a great read for anyone, even if you’ve never watched a tennis match. James battled back to the top level of professional tennis after fracturing the vertebrae in his neck, his father’s death and living through the pain, disorientation and discomfort of zoster (or shingles as it’s sometimes called) that paralyzed half his face.

James learned to take one game at time, one match at time and I think Kyle needs to learn how to do that too. What’s in the past is in the past. Just leave it there! Go eat some M&Ms!

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch poses for a photo after the unveiling of the new 2008 #18 M&M’s Racing Toyota Camry at M&M’s World in Times Square October 3, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by Jonathan Fickies/Getty Images)