Greg Biffle crosses the finish line to win at Kansas Speedway. (Photo Credit: Jamie Squire / Getty Images)I know that I should be writing something about the insanity that was the race at Kansas last weekend but I’m kinda not in the mood for it. That race perfectly illustrates one of the things that has always puzzled me about NASCAR. The rules and how NASCAR chooses to interpret them at any given time. It never seems to be the same all the time and I’m always confused. I don’t know why it isn’t cut and dry, like why didn’t they just call the race in the first place? And if they were so concerned with giving the fans and the drivers a complete race why not just move the race to Monday like they’ve done before? And then there’s the fact that Clint Bowyer should have been the winner of the race and not Greg Biffle. What was that about? At the end of the day NASCAR always has the last say and you can’t get around that, even when they’re wrong. It’s just stupid.

Ok, maybe I was in the mood to write about it after all.

Anyway… my real reason for writing today is because of this news item (if you can really call it that) about Alyssa Milano supposedly being done with dating athletes. On behalf of all of the single women out there that would love to date her sloppy seconds — Barry Zito in particular — I say thank you!

Oh and since I’m already off topic and on to baseball, I must share that I met Mike Piazza at the Virgin Megastore in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I was agog. I was shaking! Normally I don’t get that way about celebs for the most part. After all, they’re humans just like you and me, but this was Mike Piazza! He has always been one of my favorite baseball players (he wears my fave number 31 too) and so I felt like I couldn’t just leave without saying something to him. So I did and I was talking so fast he probably thought I was crazy. But that’s ok, it totally made my day.