I can always count on Kyle Busch to give a good quote.

At the press conference announcing his arrival at Joe Gibbs Racing on Tuesday he dropped this little gem when asked if he was misunderstood.

I’ve done a very good job of tricking everybody. I show them the bad side, I don’t show them the good side. Why
show the good side? Then I’d be Carl Edwards or something. No! I’m kidding! Maybe with all the money J.D. is paying me, I’ll have to pay some more people to polish me up a bit … soften up my edges.

Charlotte Observer writer David Poole wrote in his blog that NASCAR doesn’t need 25 guys that are all like Carl Edwards, nor do they need 25 of any one type of guy. I agree, but here’s the thing. Fans are not asking for all of the drivers in NASCAR to be the same. I think we all know that that would be incredibly boring. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with expressing our displeasure with someone who seems to whine all the time, even when he’s gets what he wants. I don’t think that fans want Kyle to not be himself or to be more like Carl; we just want him to be a better man, to take the high road from time to time.

The thing that bugs me the most is when people talk about “bad guys” like Kyle or Barry Bonds and they say “but he’s such a talented driver/player” So what? I think it’s safe to assume that anyone who is playing professional sports today is talented. You have to be; you can’t suck and play in the big leagues. Just because someone is super talented doesn’t mean they get a free pass to be a tool or a prima donna.

Kyle is 22, and I’m sure as each year passes he’ll gain more and more maturity. If he wants to look to someone as an example, just look at Jeff Gordon after last week’s race at Watkins Glen. After the race he waited 45 minutes before speaking to the press. I’m sure he used that time to cool off and compose himself. It was obvious he was upset with his performance. If he had spoke to people immediately following that race he probably would have had a shorter fuse and said something he’d later regret.