If only I could have seen it all unfold live. I had a family party to attend so I wasn’t able to watch the end of the first-ever Canadian Busch race in all of its dramatic glory. (Although I do have it Tivo’d for my viewing pleasure sometime tonight)

Oh Robby Gordon, you made that inaugural race one to remember and I am thankful to you for that. I don’t disagree with Robby’s actions. Ok, maybe the victory burnouts at the end were wrong but overall I understand his reasoning for not giving up his position during the caution. He was spun out during an obvious caution period and he’s supposed to go back to 13th whilst the dude that screwed him gets to stay up front?

An excerpt from Robby’s official statement:

It was not my purpose to disrespect the authority of NASCAR or the officials. I do respect their authority to run the race and make the calls, and I understand the significance of the black flag. I strongly disagree with the calls that affected me at the end of the race. Being spun under the yellow and not being allowed to resume my position prior to the spin put me in a position to react as I did. Nonetheless, I accept NASCAR’s decision and I intend to move forward under the rules.

In this instance I’ve gotta be on Robby’s side. I don’t know why NASCAR and the media are acting like he shot the President or something. He didn’t kill any dogs… He just didn’t agree with the lame ruling NASCAR came up with. It is possible for NASCAR to get things wrong from time to time.

This is funny to me because just before the start of the race I think it was the director of competition for the Busch Series saying that the goals for the future of the Series was to figure out more ways to try and differentiate it from the Cup Series.

Ask and ye shall receive.



Robby Gordon runs in front of Ron Hornaday at Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. (Photo Credit: Robert Laberge / Getty Images for NASCAR)