I can feel it. Heads are exploding, all because Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon are going to be on the same team.

People who feel threatened by this turn of events need to get over it and learn to deal. Yes, it’s very weird to think that Jeff and Dale will be on the same team, but it won’t change the competition between them. Dale still wants to win a Championship more than anything and he’s going to do whatever it takes to do that. We all know that the whole “team” thing is just this fluffy word people like to throw around when they need it. But when it comes down to the last lap of a race and two “teammates” are gunning for the win, being a “team player” is the last thing on their mind.

So I’m ok with this. I’ve never completely disliked Jeff Gordon. I just hate it when he keeps winning all the time. I’m happy for Dale ’cause I think this will really give him a chance to win races and get to the head table at the Championship dinner in New York.

Now on to the more important subjects, like will Dale get to keep the number 8 and his sponsorship with Budweiser? I’m not as concerned with who will be sponsoring Dale as much as I am with keeping the same number. I love the number 8! It has significance for me (my birthday), and obviously because it means something to me they should totally keep that in mind. hehe.

It seems that keeping the #8 hinges on whether or not Hendrick can do a trade with DEI:

It was not immediately clear what number Earnhardt will drive, and who will sponsor the car. Since starting in NASCAR, Earnhardt has driven the No. 8 Budweiser Chevrolet. It’s possible that Hendrick could trade Busch’s No. 5 to DEI for the No. 8, should he wind up signing with Earnhardt’s old team. (source: Associated Press)

That number is so important. As much as you associate someone’s name with their face, you associate the number 8 with Dale Jr. So they need to make that trade happen. Although I wonder if DEI would really want to take on Kyle Busch? I shudder at the thought.