Thanks to my handy dandy Dale Earnhardt Jr. Desk Calendar I am proud to tell you that the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series has more female fans than any other sport!

Now I’m sure a bunch of close-minded, idiotic, jerky men will tell you that this is because we women just want to look at hot dudes. They couldn’t be more wrong; besides, the NFL, NHL and MLB all have gorgeous men on the payroll too. While I don’t know the exact reasons why women love NASCAR so much I have my suspicions.

For me it’s about the event, it’s about the competition, and it’s about the people. Obviously I like knowing who’s dating who and what so-and-so’s wife is really like, but what I really dig is that every race is like a mini Super Bowl. There are the flyovers, the increasingly large pool of celebrity honorary grand marshals, and of course the usual Nashville recording artist singing the national anthem.

NASCAR is very family friendly. You can bring the kids to the track and make a day, or even a three-day weekend, out of it. There aren’t many sports that give you the access to the teams the way that NASCAR does. You know that before every race your favorite driver will be out signing autographs at a certain time, and even if you don’t catch him there you could bump into him in the garage with your trusty garage pass.

It’s just so easy to be a fan of NASCAR. If you want to listen the in-car communications between the team and the driver you can. If you really wanted to every piece of furniture, clothing or accessories you own can have your favorite driver’s name, car number or face on it.

Bottom line — NASCAR makes it easy for you to feel like you’re apart of something.