So I had this sneaky feeling that once I got to the media center here at the California Speedway in Fontana, Calif. that there would be no spot designated for me. I was completely right.

I am now sitting in a spot meant for someone else. I pray to God that they don’t show up and need their place. Keep your fingers crossed. And to make matters worse I didn’t get an exactly warm reception when I asked about my non-existent space in the seating chart. No one was rude, but they seemed kinda annoyed that there were more people here than they had space for. To which I can only say that they should have limited the credentials. Ugh! Or make people RSVP and tell you a couple days before the race exactly who is coming.

This makes me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. Don’t get me wrong, I’m staying here and I’m going to be here tomorrow and the next day. 🙂 I now love and deeply appreciate Infineon Raceway sooo much more than I already did! Their media center faces the track so that ALL of the media on hand can see it, that’s not the case here. The building itself looks like a prison block and the media rooms only have like one window each that face the track. So if I’m going to see the race in here, it’s going to be on TV. Hmm… Not exactly the race experience I was hoping for.

In other news…

It’s incredibly hot here. 99 degrees! It’s too hot to live. I really want to go outside and check out the garage, take photos and whatnot but that heat is so not inviting.

Outside the entrance to the California Speedway