So the winner of the Dodge Save Mart 350 is Jeff Gordon. ugh. I so did not want him to win. But what can you do? Apparently he has another reason to celebrate today. He recently became engaged to his longtime girlfriend. I have no idea what her name is and honest I don’t really care. I’m not trying to be mean but ya know whatever. 🙂 For those of you who care, and you all should, Junior finished (unofficially) 26th. This is exactly where he started at the beginning of the race. Looks like he’s lost a spot in the top, this bumps him down to 5th in the race for the chase.

Now for some stats…

At the end of the race there were 31 cars on the lead lap. There were 9 lead changes amongst 8 drivers. There were 7 cautions for 12 laps. Pit crew members are super buff. Seriously ladies, some of these guys are even ex-football players. Hello! That wasn’t really a stat so much as it was a very keen observation on my part. 🙂

All in all this was a great race weekend. Infineon is a great place to see a race. You can bring the entire family, there’s something for literally everyone to see and/or do. Plus no matter where you’re sitting around the track you’ve got a great view of any number of the turns. I wish that I could have covered more of it, but it’ll just have to wait until next year.