The minute I tell someone that I’m a NASCAR fan they usually ask why. Followed by some variation of the question, Don’t they just go around in circles all day?, to which I usually say, “There’s so much more to it than what you think.”

The “so much more” is all of the engineering that happens before the races — fine tuning the cars, setting them up differently for each race track. There’s also the strategy involved during the races — when to pit, how many tires to take and when. Then there’s just the drivers themselves — can they handle all the pressure that’s on them to win?

I do agree that watching someone driving around in circles is boring, but when you add in the possibility that something could go wrong (a five car pile-up), or that something could go so right (an underdog winning for the first time), for me that’s must-see TV.

I love NASCAR because of the personalities, the speed, the crashes, and all of the preparation these race teams put into their cars all year long (and knowing that in one second all that preparation could go down the drain if they run over an itty bitty piece of debris). I love the fact that drivers can say the name of their sponsor, the number of their car and thank their team in 5 seconds flat.

Now, I am a woman after all and the fact that I find certain drivers pretty cute doesn’t hurt my appreciation of the sport at all; it only serves to enhance my experience. I promise to not make this blog about who’s hot and who’s not, at least not ALL the time. 🙂

The purpose and goal of the blog is to talk about the latest motor sports news and to give my spin on it. Feel free to chime in.